Experts in Living

Funded by Comic Relief cmyk 2016

Why is it that in many cultures older people are valued for their experience and wisdom, whereas, in our society, the more senior you become it seems you are viewed more and more as a problem to be solved? 

Why is it that loneliness and isolation are major issues for older people in this country whilst they have skills and knowledge that could be shared with others?

The Feelgood Factory is being funded by Comic Relief to do something about this situation in Sefton.

The Experts in Living Project is a developing programme that is working with older people to identify volunteering opportunities to make the most of their skills so that they can use them for the good of the community, whilst also mixing with others and forming friendships.  The groups take physical limitations into account but don't allow them to take over.

The programmes running at the moment include:

Knitting for Good

Knitting for Good is a knitting (and crochet) group that brings together people who like knitting to work on projects to help others.  So far the group has produced clothes for premature babies and "twiddlemits" for people with dementia.  It is perfectly possible to be a member of this circle if your fingers are not as nimble as once they were.  You still have the skills in your head and you can teach others.  Knitting for Good is also open to younger people who want to learn to knit so you could pass on your expertise to the younger generation.

Fundraising with Papercrafts

The papercrafts group makes goods that other charities can sell to raise funds such as greetings cards.  Again, this group is made up of people who want to come together to work on projects for the benefit of local people.

Experts in Living is a work in progress and new activities will be coming in the near future.

If you want to know more please contact Marie on 291 8026 or Sandra on 291 8030.

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