Sessions April to June 2018

The Church in Liverpool

Session One - The Earliest Liverpool Churches

In this session we looked at how the medival Church in Liverpool was organised and the part it played in Liverpudlian lives.

Session Two - The 16th-Century Upheaval

The Reformation brought about major changes for churches and worshippers in Liverpool and beyond.

Session Three - The Catholic Struggle

Lancashire was one of the key areas of Catholic resistance during the 16th and 17th centuries.  This session looked at the impact on Liverpool and Sefton.

Session Four - Catholics and Puritans

Liverpool and Toxteth were different from much of Lancashire in that they were Puritan strongholds.  This session looked at the background to Puritanism and its history in the area.

Session Five - The 18th Century

The development of the parish of Liverpool from 1699 until 1800.

Session Six - the Victorian Church in Liverpool

The impact of Irish immigration and Catholic Emancipation on Liverpool and the role of the Church in philanthropy in the city.


Sessions January to March 2018

The American Civil Rights Movement

Session 1 - Setting the Scene

In this session we looked at slavery in American and Liverpool's role in the slave trade.  The purpose was to understand the origins of the African American population and also to explore some key facts about the involvement of Liverpool in the African slave trade.

Session 2 - The American Civil War

In this session we looked at the abolitioist movement in America, the impact of the American Civil War and Liverpool's role in the struggle.

Session 3 - Race in Britain and America from 1870 to 1954

In this session we outlined some of the main developments leading to the Civil Rights Movement after the American Civil War.  We also looked at the 1919 Race Riot in Liverpool.

Session 4 - Portrayals of Race in Britain and America

In this session we looked at some key books and films that demonstrate changing attitudes to race.

Session 5 - The Road to Civil Rights

This was a timeline of the African-American struggle for civil rights from the end of the Second Worl War to the death of Martin Luther King.


History of Advertising

Session 1 - The Birth of Advertising

In this session we looked at the early history of advertising from the earliest times.

Session 2 - The Industrial Revolution and Advertising

In this session we looked at the impact of industrialisation on advertising.

Session 3 - Marketing and Advertising 1900-1945

In this session we looked at marketing before the Second World War.

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