Feelgood Learning

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
Mahatma Gandhi

Learning new things can be a great pleasure and learning alongside other people is a wonderful way of sharing ideas and experiences.

Feelgood Learning is a group of local people who enjoy exploring different ideas in company with one another.  This is the group for people who want to meet new people who are also interested in ideas.  Members come from different backgrounds and age groups.  You don’t need qualifications or to have been good at school. Basically you just need to be curious and to want to keep the grey matter working.

The emphasis of Feelgood Learning is not just on learning, however.  We are a supportive group and we do our best to make members feel included and valued.

Between April and July we will be looking at the following topics:


Liverpool is famously the city with a spare cathedral and the Church has played an important role in Liverpool’s development.  Christian denominations have been involved in helping the poorest and in fighting on the streets.  It’s an exciting journey from the original chapels (St Nicholas and St Mary del Key) on the waterfront through to the Anglican Cathedral and “Paddy’s Wigwam”.  It’s not just the story of buildings but of people and ideas.


Alcohol has been used since 5400 B.C. We’ll trace the use of alcohol in Britain through to the present—looking at its key role in our social lives from the history of the pub through to today’s late night bars.   This will also be the opportunity to look at some famous Liverpool pubs.


2018 is the 100th anniversary of universal suffrage for men and of suffrage for some women.  It is also the 90th anniversary of universal suffrage for women (and of women becoming “people” in law).  We are going to  trace the struggle for the right to vote from the Chartists to the Suffragettes.  We will begin before the summer break, looking at the struggle in the 19th century and then carry on in September to look at the Suffragettes and the more militant action in the first two decades of the 20th century.

Why do people join the group?

  • Because learning new things helps to keep the brain young and the body healthy.
  • To find out about new subjects of interest.
  • To carry on exploring topics you already know quite well.
  • To meet with people who have similar interests.

Whatever your reason you are sure of a warm welcome.

Might be interested?  Why not come along and give it a go?  The first two weeks are free.  After that the cost is £2.50 a week to cover group costs.

Feelgood Learning is on at the Feelgood Factory every Wednesday between 1.30  and 3.30.  For further details, phone Sandra on 0151 291 8030.

Alternatively see the most recent leaflet.

Session Notes

So that group members who may have missed a session can catch up, and also for anyone who is interested, summary notes from sessions are made available below.

The American Civil Rights Movement

Session 1 - Setting the Sceneshutterstock 242290558

In this session we looked at slavery in American and Liverpool's role in the slave trade.  The purpose was to understand the origins of the African American population and also to explore some key facts about the involvement of Liverpool in the African slave trade.




shutterstock 525179761smallSession 2 - The American Civil War

In this session we looked at the abolitioist movement in America, the impact of the American Civil War and Liverpool's role in the struggle.



shutterstock 697268134Session 3 - Race in Britain and America from 1870 to 1954

In this session we outlined some of the main developments leading to the Civil Rights Movement after the American Civil War.  We also looked at the 1919 Race Riot in Liverpool.



book 1957450 1920Session 4 - Portrayals of Race in Britain and America

In this session we looked at some key books and films that demonstrate changing attitudes to race.



shutterstock 133411493Session 5 - The Road to Civil Rights

This was a timeline of the African-American struggle for civil rights from the end of the Second Worl War to the death of Martin Luther King.



History of Advertising

vintage 1635015 1920Session 1 - The Birth of Advertising

In this session we looked at the early history of advertising from the earliest times.


shutterstock 105074753


Session 2 - The Industrial Revolution and Advertising

In this session we looked at the impact of industrialisation on advertising.



shutterstock 785318242Session 3 - Marketing and Advertising 1900-1945

In this session we looked at marketing before the Second World War.


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