Feelgood Learning

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
Mahatma Gandhi

Learning new things can be a great pleasure and learning alongside other people is a wonderful way of sharing ideas and experiences.

Feelgood Learning is a group of local people who enjoy exploring different ideas in company with one another.  This is the group for people who want to meet new people who are also interested in ideas.  Members come from different backgrounds and age groups.  You don’t need qualifications or to have been good at school. Basically you just need to be curious and to want to keep the grey matter working.

The emphasis of Feelgood Learning is not just on learning, however.  We are a supportive group and we do our best to make members feel included and valued.

This term we are looking at the following topics:

From West Derby to Liverpool: A Time Traveller's Guide

When William the Conqueror organised his great assessment of his new kingdom in 1085, West Derby was the centre of a large civil unit known as a Hundred.  Liverpool was so small it didn’t even get mentioned. In about 1100 a castle was built in West Derby, more than a century before the erection of Liverpool Castle.

So what happened?  Why did things change to the point where Liverpool is now a great city and West Derby just one of its suburbs? Feelgood Learning is on the case!

The Age of Jane Austen

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of the novelist Jane Austen. Austen not only wrote some of the greatest English fiction, she also lived during a time of huge change that witnessed the Industrial Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the invention of the seaside holiday and the novel, the start of British party politics—and one of the first great feminist writers. Feelgood Learning is going to look at this age and how it impacted on the daily lives of ordinary people like Jane Austen.

Dying to be Famous

Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston the list goes on. It is actually true that star musicians/singers die younger. At the age of 27 alone Brian Jones, Kirk Cobain, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse all died. These stars are more likely to be murdered, have crashes, commit suicide or suffer  accidental overdoses. Just in Liverpool we had Billy Fury and Rory Storm and two Beatles die young. We explore why so many famous singers pass before their time.

The Statues of Liverpool

Since man worked out how to cave, cut and chisel we have had sculptures and statues. Almost every civilisation from the Egyptians and Greeks onwards has left us with amazing statues which held many meanings from celebration to thanks, from remembrance to worship, and from fantasy to dire warnings. Some statues are known worldwide like the Statue of Liberty. Liverpool has more than its share. In 1822 came George III. In recent times Cilla Black. A tour of Liverpool’s statues from Kitty Wilkinson to Crosby beach.

 Feelgood Learning is on at the Feelgood Factory every Wednesday between 1.30  and 3.30.  For further details, phone Sandra on 0151 291 8030.

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