Feelgood Learning

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
Mahatma Gandhi

Learning new things can be a great pleasure and learning alongside other people is a wonderful way of sharing ideas and experiences.

Feelgood Learning is a group of local people who enjoy exploring different ideas in company with one another.  This is the group for people who want to meet new people who are also interested in ideas.  Members come from different backgrounds and age groups.  You don’t need qualifications or to have been good at school. Basically you just need to be curious and to want to keep the grey matter working.

The emphasis of Feelgood Learning is not just on learning, however.  We are a supportive group and we do our best to make members feel included and valued.

This term we are looking at the following topics:

When Liverpool Rules the Airwaves: The History of Merseybeat

These sessions will look at the origins of the Mersey Sound, the artists who were responsible for it and its legacy in Liverpool today.

The Song of Angry Men: The French Revolution and its Legacy

in 1789 the people of France overthrew their rulers and the Church, set the calendar back to year one and embarked on a tumultuous journey that has its echoes right down to the present day.  These sessions will look at what led to the revolution, what happened and what the impact has been in this country.


28th June and 19th July - Murder at the Feelgood Factory

This summer we are holding two “Something Different” sessions to mark Sherlock Holmes’ 125th birthday.  We are going to look at shutterstock 345441746the history of that great British institution—the whodunnit.

28th June—Elementary, my dear Watson  - How did the detective novel start and how did it develop during the 19th century?  We will look at writers such a Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens and—of course—Arthur Conan Doyle. 

19th July—The Little Grey Cells— Why was the period between the Wars called the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, why were women so prominent as mystery writers and how have things changed since the Second World War?  This session will include writers from Agatha Christie to Ian Rankin.

All welcome! No skills or knowledge necessary. £2.50 contribution to costs per session.

Download the session flyer.


Feelgood Learning is on at the Feelgood Factory every Wednesday between 1.30  and 3.30.  For further details, phone Sandra on 0151 291 8030.

For more details see the most recent timetable with details of sessions.

Netherton Feelgood Factory, Glovers Lane, Netherton, Merseyside, L30 5QW

Telephone: 0151-291-8010

Charity no: 1074508

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