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Become Part of the Team as a Volunteer Group Assistant

  • Are you interested in helping people on an individual basis?GA 1
  • Are you patient and understanding?
  • Do you like to help people develop their skills or interests?

If so then you may be interested in becoming a Volunteer Group Assistant in the Feelgood Factory.

We run a whole range of different groups.  Some of them help people to improve their health and wellbeing by learning about food, nutrition, managing stress etc.  We want these groups to be as inclusive as possible and that means that we need to have volunteer assistants to help those who have extra needs. It is difficult for the group leader always to give everyone the additional time they may need and the extra support provided by volunteers is extremely valuable for many individuals who would otherwise struggle a bit.

Our Feelgood Choices programmes cover a range of social and interest groups (such as crafting, local history and creative writing) aimed largely at people who are isolated or at risk of isolation.  Again, volunteer assistants are vital to make sure that everyone receives the individual attention and care they need.

If you feel that you could give a few hours a week to help us run our groups then we would really like to hear from you.  It can be challenging but also rewarding and the experience gained would be of use to people seeking entry into a range of teaching or caring professions.  More than all, though, it is the chance to meet some wonderful people and to make a real difference in their lives.

If you want more information look at the Role Descriptions below.  For a further chat contact Sandra Duncan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 291 8010).

Role Description (Health and Wellbeing)

Role Description (Feelgood Choices).

If you are interested in this role then the simplest thing is to fill in the registration form below and someone will contact you.

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